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Sav1The plot

Adam Kowalsky, an unsuspecting American photographer, has a film slipped in his pocket by a girlfriend as he is about to leave Greece. Back in New York he finds himself the victim of a cruel relentless  hunt, the content of the film is obviously wanted by more than one organization and they are prepared to kill anyone in their attempts to regain it. Adam processes the film and, shocked by the contents, decides to return to Greece and expose the truth. A film with brutal action and breathtaking suspense, the plight of an innocent man caught in the web of international intrigues.


(Romano Scavolini: Writer & Director)

Produced by Max and Ivonne Roman

Associated Producer : John Tinker

Poleroy Ltd. - 1980

Starring: George Ayer, Mary Chronopoulou, Allen Lieb, Joanne Jackal, Phaedon Raphael, Michelle Megale, Hollis Granville, Rusty Salling, Mary Mark, Lorne Polansky, Elizabeth Kelly, Artemis Matsas, Dimitri Joacim, Chriss Zorbas.

Directors of Photography: Michael Parker and Aris Stavrou

Editor: Maxine Julius.